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Sherlock Holmes -- yelling!!!1
Does anyone else on my flist watch/watched Heroes? I just started watching it on Netflix the other day, and I think it's freaking fantastic! I only just finished season one, but I'm enchanted.

Hiro and Ando are my favorites, but I also really like Parkman and Sylar. Also, Peter and Nathan? Winchester levels of fucked up. I love it.

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I LOVE HEROES!! I just finished the series not too long ago (only four seasons, wtf's up with that?!) and I'm still so much in love with it! It's fan-freakin-tastic and I'm sure you'll adore it soooo much in the end!

I'm so glad to see that my friends like this show!

Do you ship anyone? I'm not spoilerphobic, dish me the goods! :)

It was AWESOME for like a season. Season 2 showcases a serious decline in quality, and honestly I was lost after that. Kind of sucks, because it was so promising.

SYLAR IS THE BEST THING ABOUT THAT WHOLE SHOW omg he was the only thing that kept me coming back.

I keep hearing that it goes down hill, but I think I'll march through it anyway. I'm enjoying watching Sylar a little too much to quit. :) He's so wonderful! Like, not wonderful good, wonderful bad. Wonderfully bad. <3

Ummm. SORRY TO DISAPPOINT, but yeah, it seriously goes downhill after season 1. :/ I thought it was still enjoyable for quite a while there, but I had to quit right before the end. It was just too all over the place for me. Keep watching, let us know your thoughts though.

Hahah, yeah, Nathan and Peter are so shippy. ^.^

I thought that since I ship Sam/Dean that Peter/Nathan wouldn't be a problem for me, but it kinda freaks me out. I mean, I'm shipping them, but I don't feel good about it. Does that make any sense?

I'll keep you posted.

Oh, I feel so bad for you, because you've not yet started the awful. :(

Season 1 was some of the best TV ever created.

Season 2 and onwards was worse than spun crap.

I fucking love Peter Petrelli.
Milo Ventimiglia, get in my bed.

I've only seen the first two seasons. They are both phenomenal. I watched the first episode of season three but haven't been able to bring myself to go on for various reasons. Since supernatural isn't back until April, I might finally get around to watching season three and four.

Watching it during Hellatus is a fabulous idea, I think. :)

Dude dude. I see a lot of people saying season two on is complete crap.
I thought season two was pretty good.
I AM skeptical about season three, even after just the first episode. My brother is the one who got me into watching it, and he said that season three did go downhill. But I think he liked season four okay. That might just be because he adored season one and got really attached, kind of like even if Supernatural does season seven and completely sucks, I will still love it.

Anyway, I love Peter enough that I'm going to finish watching it eventually. Might as well.

Peter's pretty cool. He's got a sort of Harry Potter complex though. I mean, it's not a bad thing. It's just sort of trippy.

I saw the first two seasons! Hiro and Ando are seriously adorable. :)

Dude, Ando is the shit. I wanna be him when I grow up.

THE FIRST SEASON IS FLAWLESS! But after that it's one big disappointment :/

I used to be super into Heroes... I've written Hiro/Ando. xD Actually I've written a hell of a lot of pairings for that show. if you feel like poking through the tags?

I will totally do that! Thanks! :)

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