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Do I really look like a chick with a plan?

I'm a dog chasing cars.

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Sherlock -- sulking
I am the worst LiveJournal friend. I haven't been reading anyone's posts or commented on anything in just about a week, if not more.

It's too much like work. It's so hard to get out of bed most days, LJ just seems like so much of a hassle. I'm really sorry guys. I love you all, honestly.

I'm on Tumblr constantly (it's so much easier than this. Simpler. It takes less thought, with I love right about now.) so if you have a tumblr, follow me and I'll follow you and that way I wont feel so neglectful. Here.

My LiveJournal-ing will be sporadic for a while. Again. Sorry.

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I've been so bad with LJ too lately! I've been trying my hardest to do better over break, but I'll probably drop back away once school starts up next week :c And haha yeah, tumblr is a little easier to handle sometimes isn't it? ;D

It's no big deal about being sporadic :) Do what you have to do.

For the last year I've been a shitty lj friend. I check my f-list religiously, but I never post and I never comment. I'm horrible.

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